Spa Facials in San Diego & LaJolla

What Are The Benefits of a Specialized Spa Facial?

Your face is very visible to others; it’s regarded as your calling card. If you care for your skin by going to visit an esthetician for consistent facials, you are not only enhancing your look, you’re also safeguarding your health in general and preventing more severe issues.

Our estheticians are qualified skin care specialists who specialize in enhancing your skin condition. The advantages of a certified facial are numerous, including preventive and appropriate skin care and a deeply relaxing experience. Here’re a some reasons to seek out the services of an esthetician with Dr. Sarah:


Your skin is the principal organ of elimination – it acts as a barrier which protects you from the elements and it houses your organs. By taking care of your skin, you automatically improve not only your appearance but your health in general. Estheticians offer an important service in notifying you to serious skin complications and teaching you precautionary care.


As we grow old, skin starts to show wear and tear through spotting, sagging, and wrinkles. The structure of your skin also loses collagen as you grow old. A good esthetician can assist you in preventing signs of aging and to enhance the tone and elasticity of your skin without having surgery.


An esthetician is well trained to recognize severe skin problems that should be referred to the office of a dermatologist. By getting a facial on a regular basis, she/he may be capable of alerting you to alterations in suspicious spots or moles that might require the involvement of a medical expert. Knowledgeable estheticians can assist you with skin complications before they get serious enough to have a need for invasive actions. If you do need surgery, an esthetician can assist in preparing the skin and to treat the skin once surgery is done.


An esthetician will examine your skin and decide which products would suit the type of skin you have – He/She will modify a facial to your exclusive needs and inform you to the kind of products that would not e suitable for your skin type.

It’s not only women that can benefit greatly from working with an esthetician. Men are now becoming more conscious of the advantages of taking good care of their skin, and young people are often finding relief from acne by going to visit an esthetician on a regular basis. Sarapy Clinic offers resolutions for all kinds of skin issues including, but not limited to:

  • Calming and soothing facial treatments
  • Multivitamin facial treatments
  • Purifying facial treatments
  • Facials designed for sensitive skin and irritated skin
  • Facials that exfoliate and nourish
  • Intense moisturizing facials for dehydrated and stressed skin
  • Anti-aging facials
  • Facials for redness
  • Lifting and Firming facials
  • Phytomer, Carita and Decléor
  • Luxury facials